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/ Organization of salutes and fireworks Trading
/ Organization of salutes and fireworks Trading
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Fireworks Trade and Shows -

The company organizes fireworks and other pyrotechnic programs. We do trade with fireworks and pyrotechnics from 01.12.2013g. in the new warehouse store in Varna Chaika bl.188 More about our services you can find on our site Call our team of specialists now to deliver the "WOW" effect on the big day.

Sale of amateur and professional fireworks Sale of amateur and professional fireworks

Sale of amateur and professional fireworks

Geomaks Bulgaria opened its first large store wholesale and retail of pyrotechnics for amateur and professional goals in Varna. You can find us from 01.12.2013g. address: Varna jk.CHajka bl.188 (up pazarcheto against Dolphinarium)


Our experience of Geomaks Bulgaria Our experience of Geomaks Bulgaria

Our experience of Geomaks Bulgaria

Our team includes employees, many with decades of experience in handling explosives and fireworks. As we conduct industrial blasting and fireworks throughout Bulgaria, our employees, organizing salutes, excellent knowledge of state and local regulations and work closely with local authorities. So we offer the best in the shortest possible time.


Design of our pyrotechnic shows Design of our pyrotechnic shows

Design of our pyrotechnic shows

In Geomaks we learned from some of the best designers of fireworks and strive to develop the most accurate experience for you. We select effects and choreography to support the theme of your event with the artistic use of color and sound to delight the audience and create memories of incomparable event.

 Quality products  Quality products

 Quality products

We can use less expensive pyrotechnics, but we refuse to do it. The quality of our products contributes to our commitment to safety, brightness, timing of shots fired and the overall intensity of the pyrotechnic show.

 Quality equipment  Quality equipment

 Quality equipment

Our equipment is the most modern generation of equipment for carrying out of salutes. It provides a substantial margin of safety, accuracy of the moment The launch, precision choreography and flexibility in working to get unforgettable fireworks show almost anywhere in Bulgaria.

National network National network

National network

National Network of Geomaks Bulgaria by project managers, pyrotechnic, fireworks warehouses and offices allow us to answer almost all geographic queries to organize the fireworks. Corporate parties or national holidays, Geomaks Bulgaria can be your partner for organizing and conducting pyrotechnic program throughout the country.

Training Training


Geomaks Bulgaria is extremely dedicated to the education of our pyrotechnic and fire officers and health. Just as there are very strict regulations at the state, municipal and local industry of fireworks, we observe our training for our employees to always be up to date. So we are sure of our products and uslugine not bear the risks and problems for our customers.


Competitiveness Competitiveness


As an official distributor of one of the largest importers of fireworks and pyrotechnics for Bulgaria, we are able to provide a variety of pyrotechnic effects, full coverage of the quantities and deliveries, and some of the lowest prices for pyrotechnics. Working actively in the field of industrial blasting, minimize storage costs and logistics of goods using the effect of scale. We are able to offer aggressive pricing of our pyrotechnic programs, without compromise and provide some of the highest quality fireworks in the world.

Experts Events Experts Events

Experts Events

You can organize everything for your event, but when it comes to planning a fireworks Geomaks Bulgaria gives you peace of mind. We are a professional pyrotechnic in planning events aimed at one goal - to give you the best with the least hassles. Each event requires a unique place and emphasis on safety, creativity and design of the show. Almost no two piroproduktsii that are the same, because each location has different variables at work.Most external piroproduktsii can be performed by bridges, barges / offshore platforms, parks, golf courses, roofs or other areas where audience, housing and other occupied buildings are at a safe distance. From the roofs of soccer stadiums to stunning national historic landmarks, our dedicated team of project managers and professional pyrotechnic will create a unique experience for your audience.

Permits Permits


To conduct salutes require multiple permits that our leaders "logistics" in Geomaks will provide for Vas.Vav every city and local community have different specifics for authorization of the use of fireworks. We have spent decades building solid relationships with local fire authorities and the Labour Inspectorates with employees at all levels to ensure excellence of our documentation and approval process. Our team works to ensure the necessary permits, including the Maritime Administration and other national agencies that have kasatelsvoto in the conduct of your show.


Site visits and meetings Site visits and meetings

Site visits and meetings

The best way to design fireworks is to go to a place and meet face to face. Project managers in Geomaks seek to fully consider the proposed locations to determine the safety required distances, types of fireworks and pyrotechnics that can be used to help choose the design and the overall "look" to the event. In addition, we strive to fully understand your needs for your particular case.

Insurance Insurance


Geomaks Bulgaria offers the best and highest insurance in the sphere of services with fireworks. Each pyrotechnic show, no matter the size, is covered by insurance "Professional Responsibility". Our insurers are our close partners who truly understand the nature of our business. For each case we will consider all countries should be further secured by insurance.


Reaction time Reaction time

Reaction time

Time is of benefit both customers and us. Sometimes it takes ten days before the event, sometimes even month during the permitting and plan and show choreography. Our project managers strive to create unique shows by discussing potential options early in the process. Time allows for creativity, but we comply with the hectic life and are ready to react and within a short time if fireworks does not require much special training.

Duration Duration


When it comes to fireworks true maxim - "Less is more!" Viewers mostly prefer shorter show with high intensity. Team Geomaks Bulgaria will recommend the length of the show based on location, type of fireworks and other effects used, budget and overall theme of your event. Well-designed high-impact beams are much more effective and appropriate than a show that lasts much longer with less intensity.


Pyro-musical show Pyro-musical show

Pyro-musical show

If you want to have choreography or just muzika- increasing effect of the show, our team will work with you to create a magnificent soundtrack. We use highly qualified specialists to create incredible combination of sound and effects. Please provide us sufficient time before the show with music production in order to give the best of themselves.

Fantastic piroprogrami Fantastic piroprogrami

Fantastic piroprogrami

Here in Bulgaria Geomaks offer fireworks, which will accelerate the pulse of the audience. As a leading professionals in the field of the use of explosives and pyrotechnics vshtestva guarantee suggestive experience for the senses and "WOW" effect every time. We offer all kinds of pyrotechnic shows:

· Fireworks Birthday       

· Wedding fireworks    

· Funeral fireworks   

 · Christmas lighting fireworks     

 · Fireworks on water      

 · Silent fireworks      

 · Roof fireworks      

 · Fireworks concert  

 · Special occasion fireworks (National Holidays, Corporate celebrations, New Year, etc.)  

 · Fireworks for sale


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Fireworks Trade and Shows

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Fireworks Trade and Shows
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