Geomax Bulgaria Ltd.

Demolition, Drilling, Consultancy, Fireworks

Industrial Demolition

Blasting city (urban areas) Blasting quarries and mines Blasting in underground conditions Blasting under water Underwater cutting explosion Controlled blasting Geological Survey Breaking with a quiet bang (extension mixtures) Fireworks and pyrotechnics, fireworks Cleaning deposits blast Destruction of explosives, ammunition and pyrotechnics



Consultant Services


  • Drafting of drilling and blasting
  • Preparation of complete projects for mining quarries and mines
  • Preparation of Annual mining projects Financial - economic justifications
  • Preparation of social justifications
  • Preparation of environmental justifications
  • Drafting of boreholes for water (water intake facilities)
  • Preparation of documentation for prospecting and exploration of PI
  • Consultations in the sphere of search, extraction and processing of inert materials



  • Surveying photos of minning
  • calculating of volumes
  • preparation of annual projects for minnig
  • Geodetic surveying of cadastral information
  • Creating a digital model
  • Tracking
  • Developing new objects on cadastre


Additional Services


Excavation, demolition Breaking rocks and concrete breakers and hidrotsepiteli Transportation of construction waste Blasting on different surfaces Cutting metal, concrete and rock with a diamond wire cutter Casing drilling for water Trial abstraction boreholes for water Strengthening activities on steep slopes and rocky peaks
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